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Enamel on Copper Process

Traditionally powdered glass is applied to metal and melted in a kiln at 1350 degrees to 1500 degrees F.

Cande and Russ Toner of Dancing Turtle Studios take a more unconventional approach.

The metal is cut to shape and hammered to form a slight dome. The metal is then annealed, cleaned and glass is sifted on the back and fired to produce a counter enamel. The piece is then cleaned again to prepare for the final firings, leaving the natural fire scale in place as design elements.
Special ink is prepared from black oxide and painted on to the bare surface.
At this point the kiln is heated from 1750 degrees to degrees F, glass is applied to the surface and the piece is fired again. This process is repeated up to twelve times. This higher temperature is used to bring out an ancient and earthy look as well as a special clarity and depth in the glass.

Each piece is a one of a kind work of art that cannot be duplicated. Please remember that all work is hand painted and completely hand made and will vary slightly from the photo. This assures that you truly own a Dancing Turtle Studios Original.

"There's something in the fire, a purifying effect, an allowance for new beginnings, the essence of which has always fascinated me. I enjoy pushing the traditional, firing hotter than advisable, creating unusual designs and bringing an attitude to my work that makes it different than any other."

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